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A new theory (out of the US) is that we will soon see the effects of “The Great Resignation” as (mostly skilled) workers take up better offers in the post-Covid era. Two years of lockdown in Australia with no access to skilled immigration leading to a skills shortage has shifted the power balance to workers who will soon jump ship. However, part of this possibly imminent job mobility will be pent up demand by workers who would have changed jobs anyway during the lockdown period. But if lockdown has created time to contemplate the job you’re in, then why wouldn’t other big “life decisions” also follow? Are you in the right city, house, relationship?

Is it time to press control-alt-delete and reassess your financial position? Would you be better off without some (toxic) relationships in your life? And is there more to a job than just remuneration? Wouldn’t you be happier if you were working in an organisation whose values, culture, products & services you respected? Perhaps the post-Covid world will introduce us to a new set of values that are based more around meaning rather than solely on remuneration. Of course, money is important but is there more of a balance that can be (or should be) struck? Making the decision to change jobs is tough and especially later in a career when partners, kids and mortgages are a consideration. For what it’s worth my advice is that the most contented workers later in life are those who love what they do. While The Great Resignation might suit some I am also a supporter of The Great Reset where this time is used to reset the building blocks of life in a way that is more likely to yield ongoing contentment and happiness. That might indeed involve “taking a better offer” but it might also involve correcting other matters too. Maybe the real advantage of The Great Lockdown is that it prompts many to reorganise their lives for the better

Source: See The Australian “Weekend Australian Magazine” page 26.

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