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Our Registered Organisational Psychologists can match your assessment needs with a wide array of psychometric assessment tools.

Testing can be delivered on line and will utilise appropriate comparison data (norms) including our professional norms developed specifically for Papua New Guinea.
Our reports are handwritten relative to the purpose of the assessment and delivered within 48 business hours of tests being completed.

Our Team are experienced in the cross cultural application of assessments and the design and delivery of Assessment Centres for: 

  • Personal, leadership and team Development
  • Selection within and for bulk recruitment, examples:
    • multiple hires for a specific role type
    • start up for mine, manufacturing plant, workforce – all white and Blue collar roles
Follow our simple 4 step process to access our expert support:


If you have a query,
please contact us.
07 3185 1750 or email us.


Our psychologists will confer with you to select the appropriate test for your needs.


We will facilitate the assessment with your candidate.


You will have your results, report, and feedback within 48 business hours.

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