Talent Fit Profiling Model

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Pacific People Solutions utilise the model above to guide our assessment and matching processes to enhance candidate fit with the opportunity and the employing organisation. As you can see the model above has eight discreet components and they expanded below.

Technical Skills and Discipline Awareness – these elements are company/industry specific and are often reflected through KPIs, Key Result Areas and the purpose assessed /objective of the role, as defined in a Position Description. This are the components most commonly assessed exploration of experience and are critical to role performance.

Behavioural Competencies – we will define is consultation 5 or 6 key behavioural competencies for success in this role and utilise assessment tools such as behavioural interviews, role plays, simulations and psychometric assessment are the most useful in gathering data in these areas.

Change – for many roles it is considered important to explore a candidates’ ability and appetite for change. The level of the role and the organisations development will determine our approach to exploration via review of their history and behavioural interview and reference checking processes.

Personal Attributes – refers to the innate personality and abilities of candidates relative to the needs of the role and organisation and psychometric assessment and behavioural interview or assessment centre processes are used to explore personal attributes relevant to success in the role.

Motivational, Career and Culture Fit – these three components explore the match between the individual, the role and organisation with the intent to maximise retention in order to sustain maximum performance

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